Prof. Gardini, Chair of International Business and Society Relations with Focus on Latin America, is a proven expert on the partnership between the EU and Latin America. Since 2018, he has been a member of an international consortium which aims to investigate and analyse the relationship between the two regions and make recommendations for future policy.

By invitation of the German Centre for Research and Innovation India (DWIH), Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem, Chair of Technology Management, participated in a two days seminar on Frugal Innovations in Bangalore. Together with colleagues from the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH), both days were set up with a combination of research talks, and dedicated practitioners who invented frugal innovations.

If weekly working hours are increased by as little as one hour, this can have a negative impact on workers. Even a slight increase such as this is enough for workers to take a poorer view of their own health and go to the doctor considerably more often. The study does not give any indication of the optimum working hours. It does, however, give an insight into what consequences even just a slight change can have.

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