International profile

Internationalism, cosmopolitanism and mobility

The School of Business, Economics and Society is committed to both its own mission statement and the mission of the University, which states the promotion of internationalism, cosmopolitanism and international mobility as a key goal.

Professors and lecturers bring their international experience into the classroom through their teaching and research. Furthermore, FAU offers extensive support for students and staff who wish to go abroad. Continued efforts are being made to further improve and develop internationalization at the School in order to prepare students for careers in international settings.

The international aspects of the University’s degree programs and research are rated highly in the CHE and Handelsblatt rankings. The entire University, including the School of Business and Economics, is also HRK-audited.


International partnerships have been developed over the past decades and will be further intensified in the future. International study and research priorities are oriented closely around the global economy and the requirements of the labor market for future graduates. We focus on opportunities, teaching and research in English-speaking countries, Scandinavia, emerging markets, and Asia, as well as traditional partnerships in France and Spain.


The School of Business, Economics and Society is committed to internationalization and promotes related values among the faculty, staff and student body. Students can get involved in activities that incorporate international aspects into many areas of studying.

The strategic priorities of the School’s teaching and research, as well as its activities with partner universities will be further developed to complement the internationalization of the University and what it can offer students.


Research at the School of Business, Economics and Society is characterized by a strong international orientation. As a result of the strong commitment to the international scientific community and interdisciplinary research possibilities, students receive optimal preparation for future economic, social and academic challenges in their endeavors.

International research fields of the School of Business, Economics and Society are:

  • Regional Research in Anglo and Latin American Countries and Emerging Markets
  • International Management
  • International Business Law
  • Foreign Trade
  • Intercultural Competence

International researchers at the School are supported by the University’s Welcome Center.