Development and quality

Development and quality – shaping the future together at the School of Business, Economics and Society

The quality of the degree programs at the School of Business, Economics and Society is ensured through a quality management system and is continuously being developed. The quality management system has passed several external reviews. It ensures that external standards, such as those of the German Accreditation Council, are met but also takes into account the School’s internal goals.

Quality management depends on the involvement of all members at the School of Business, Economics and Society – from students, to lecturers, to administrative staff. One of the key features of the quality management system is that it includes a wide range of opportunities for students to actively get involved in developments at the School. Various quality commissions and projects have been implemented for this purpose.

In particular, students have the opportunity to contribute to improving the quality of their degree programs through the degree programs’ quality circles (go to video) by identifying areas for improvement based on their experiences and discussing them with the degree program co-ordinators.

The School believes that involving students enables important suggestions to be made that allow its degree programs to be developed further and study conditions to be improved.

For more information please see the quality management team’s website (German).