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Unfortunately, we are not able to make a statement how the current situation will affect the exams of your courses at the end of the summer term at this point in time. Kindly note that the module handbook, which will be published on 18.05.2020, will contain information on the nature of changes regarding your examinations.

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The first day of the summer term already lies behind us. Hopefully, you have all started off well, you have visited your first lectures and tried some of the digital tools. Maybe there have been some minor problems, such as gaining access to StudOn. However, FAU has already taken measures to reduce these difficulties, such as enhancing server capacities.

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The lecture period has begun and the WiSo welcomes its students in the new, this time digital semester #WiSoVirtuell. To welcome you visually, you can find a video message by the speaker and dean of WiSo Nürnberg in German and by the dean for international affairs in English. We wish everyone a good start into the virtual semester 2020!

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Information for students and members of staff at FAU The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on all areas of university life at FAU. In order to help you keep abreast of everything that is going on, we have provided all the relevant information on our website, sorted according to topic and kept ...

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The virtual summer semester 2020 is approaching with great strides. In each of the bachelor and master courses, the intended number of ECTS points can be earned. For every WiSo course scheduled for the summer semester, a course on StudOn can be found. If you haven’t already joined the StudOn courses, which are relevant for you, please do so urgently.

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The new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the infection it causes (coronavirus induced disease, COVID 19) are continuing to spread. In response to the changing situation, FAU has updated its regulations concerning business travel to high-risk areas, the procedure for people returning from high-risk areas, and holding lectures, seminars and other events.