Frugal Innovation lectures in India

By invitation of the German Centre for Research and Innovation India (DWIH), Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem, Chair of Technology Management, participated in a two days seminar on Frugal Innovations in Bangalore.

Together with colleagues from the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH), both days were set up with a combination of research talks, and dedicated practitioners who invented frugal innovations. The first day was on the topic “affordable excellence – how frugal innovations can turn into an engine for growth in India and abroad”, whereby Brem’s talk included how company and customer requirements for frugal innovations can be mapped. The second day dealt with “Opportunities & Challenges of a “frugal AGE”: How frugal innovations can help secure affordable and green excellence”. His presentation here was entitled “frugality as the new imperative for innovation – from frugal products to frugal ecosystems”.

Further information on the German Centre for Research and Innovation India can be found on the website.