New economic expert from FAU WiSo

Prof. Dr. Grimm is holder of the Chair of Economic Theory at FAU. (Image: FAU/Giulia Iannicelli)

Economist Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm has been appointed to Germany’s most important advisory committee for matters of economic policy

Their judgement has a major influence on German economic policy: The council of five economic experts known as ‘die fünf Wirtschaftsweisen’ assesses macroeconomic developments in the Federal Republic of Germany, helping political bodies to make informed decisions on economic policy issues. The economist Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm from FAU WiSo has now been appointed as a new member of the council.

Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm is the holder of the Chair of Economic Theory at WiSo Nuremberg. Her research focuses on behavioural economics, industrial economics, auctions, and market design, in particular the design of energy markets.

Her extensive work in the area of energy research will in particular provide fresh impetus to the council of experts. ‘It is not only the energy economy which is affected by the move towards a climate-neutral economy and society, but also large parts of the key German industries,’ explains Grimm. ‘The transformation processes now and in the future entail major challenges but also opportunities for Germany and Europe. A lot will depend on whether Germany and Europe have followed a clever economic policy.’

Veronika Grimm is Head of the Scientific Board at Energie Campus Nürnberg (EnCN) as well as a Member of the Board of the newly-founded Bavarian Hydrogen Centre (H2.B). Furthermore, Prof. Grimm is a member of various high-profile national and European advisory committees such as the Board of Academic Advisors of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Expert Commission for the Monitoring Process ‘Energy of the Future’ or the European Academies’ Scientific Advisory Council (EASAC).

Along with Prof. Grimm, the economics professor from Munich Prof. Dr. Monika Schnitzer has also been appointed to the council. The council was founded in 1963 in order to allow an independent, periodic assessment of macroeconomic developments in Germany. The five economic experts are mainly responsible for drawing up an annual assessment of the economic situation and its foreseeable development. If required, the council can also be requested to provide special reports on particular topics or updated economic forecasts.

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