WiSo-Virtuell2020: Digitization of the study program

WiSo has developed the WiSo-Virtuell2020 concept in response to the Corona crisis. This concept guarantees the study program in these difficult times, even if this means leaving familiar paths. Currently we assume that many events will be organized digitally and that these cannot be held as classroom events at the university. This situation could last for the whole semester or perhaps only for part of the semester.

The speed of development requires that resources be concentrated. Although WiSo is very well positioned in the field of e-learning, the radical nature of the change could not be foreseen beforehand. Therefore WiSo will not be able to hold all courses. We are optimizing the range of courses and resources so that our students can receive a reasonable, but reduced, offer.

Since attendance lectures in the usual form are not possible for the summer semester, we are therefore focusing on e-learning and telecooperative work with WiSo-Virtuell2020. This requires self-learning competencies of the students in a completely new way, but also promotes them. This requires the digital skills of the students, but also promotes them. We support the development of these competences through targeted offers. WiSo-Virtuell2020, for all the problems associated with the corona virus, is an opportunity for us to develop together as teachers, as students and as WiSo as a whole.

Information about whether and how a module takes place and is examined will be made available in the respective courses on StudOn from April 3rd. Therefore, you should definitely join the courses on StudOn that you would like to attend this semester. This is the only way to ensure that you receive all relevant information.

The latest updates about the WiSo-Virtuell2020 concept are available at