Research partnerships

International research partnerships

The School of Business, Economics and Society considers international research to be of major importance. Research is conducted abroad through the University’s international network and is conducted in international fields through transnational conferences. Furthermore, lecturers at the School of Business, Economics and Society teach and research internationally.

The School’s international research areas range from foreign trade, to international management, regional research in Anglo and Latin American countries and emerging markets. Its strong commitment to the international scientific community and interdisciplinary research provides students with optimal preparation for future economic, social and academic challenges in the world.

International research institutions

The relevance of international research is also reflected in FAU’s internationalization strategy. Accordingly, the University is heavily involved in international co-operation bodies such as the Bavaria California Technology Center and the Bavarian University Centre for Latin America.

The School’s research results are regularly presented at conferences and published in prestigious scientific journals and conference papers. Information on the national and international research projects that the School is involved in is available in the ‘Research’ section.

Welcome Center for International Researchers

The Welcome Center for International Researchers at FAU is the central information center and service facility for internationally mobile researchers and doctoral candidates. The supervising institutes and FAU are advised by the Welcome Center team, who assist with the preparation and implementation of planned stays at FAU.