Habilitations/postdoctoral research

Habilitations in business and economics

After completing a doctoral degree, researchers have two options to acquire further qualifications. In Germany, a researcher must generally have completed a habilitation (or equivalent academic qualification) in order to be appointed as a professor. The habilitation is the highest academic qualification in Germany. Its aim is to test whether a researcher is able to represent their subject in all areas of research and teaching.

Each year around 3 to 5 candidates successfully complete their habilitations at the School, qualifying them to teach (and to obtain the status of Privatdozent).

The other career path for postdoctoral researchers is to become an assistant professor. Researchers who spend six years as an assistant professor are considered to have obtained a qualification that is equivalent to a habilitation, qualifying them to be appointed as full professors. The School currently has a large number of assistant professorships. Calls for applications for these positions are issued on a regular basis.

The most important funding organizations

You can find detailed information about programs and funding options from individual funding organizations. More information is available under the following links:

National and international funding databases

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National project databases

The following links will direct you to the project databases of the most important third-party funding providers. It is also possible to search for research projects involving the School of Business and Economics at FAU in these databases.

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