Where students live and cook together

The first big challenge for many students isn’t to do with the University itself. The first question many students ask themselves is ‘Where am I going to live?’. After all, not everyone is able to stay with their parents who happen to live around the corner from the University. You don’t have to live by yourself – having your own apartment is often expensive. A good alternative option is to live in a shared apartment or student accommodation. There is a lot of affordable accommodation available in Nuremberg in comparison with many other cities of a similar size.

A good time to look for somewhere to live is at the end of the lecture period or the end of the semester. This is when many students who are graduating and moving on are looking for new tenants to take over their apartments or rooms. You can find ads on notice boards in university buildings, in newspapers and online. There is usually also a lot of accommodation available at the beginning of the semester.

It’s also worth posting an ad looking for accommodation in the same places where you will find offers. You can also use Student Services’ accommodation service or look for a place in student accommodation operated by Student Services.

Student accommodation operated by Student Services located close to the School:

The accommodation available includes individual and shared apartments.

Publicly-owned student accommodation:

Further information

More information about finding accommodation is available on the Student Services website.