WiSo Nuremberg: digital studies with a plus in presence

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WiSo developed the WiSoVirtuell concept in response to the Corona crisis. For the summer semester 2021, WiSoVirtuell will now become WiSoVirtuellplus. This provides for WiSo to guarantee studies during this difficult time, even if this means leaving familiar paths. Since an end of the pandemic is not yet foreseeable, WiSo is taking steps to organize the events.

The studyability of the courses is ensured by the digitalization of all compulsory modules. In addition, WiSo would like to accommodate students who miss face-to-face time as much as the lecturers do.

Therefore, selected courses may be enriched with presence elements parallel to digital content, which can be attended on a voluntary basis. In addition to digital offerings, the elective area is structured in such a way that modules take place in parts or entirely in face-to-face teaching.

Depending on the needs of the students and their personal life situation, the students can decide whether they want to study digitally or participate in further offerings of face-to-face learning. Provided that the infectious events in the course of the semester allow this.

In the information system UnivIS at www.univis.fau.de you can find information about the format of all courses (online, face-to-face or hybrid online/face-to-face) as well as detailed information about the respective online format and information about time and place. Information on the digital semesters at WiSo is also available at www.wiso-virtuell.fau.eu.

Already in the winter semester, a hygiene concept was worked out for hybrid lecture operation, which was able to prove itself until the start of the hard lockdown in mid-December and will now serve as a support for the upcoming summer semester. The general hygiene guidelines of FAU at https://www.fau.eu/corona/hygiene-guidelines/ and, in particular, the hygiene guidelines of the School of Business, Economics and Society at https://www.wiso-virtuell.fau.eu/health-guidelines/ must be observed.

New at all FAU facilities is an obligation to wear a mouth-nose protection on the minimum level of a surgical mask, better a FFP2 mask.

We ask you to conscientiously comply with the regulations and to support them, because only if all members of the department cooperate can a successful summer semester with attendance elements succeed! Further information on virtual studies can always be found on the website www.wiso-virtuell.fau.eu.