Master’s degree program in Health and Medical Management (MHMM)

Master’s degree program in Health and Medical Management (MHMM)

This distance learning degree program for working professionals leading to the degree Master in Health and Management (MHMM) provides university graduates who do not have a background in medicine with fundamental knowledge of the field. The content is taught clearly and in a way that promotes dialog and collaboration between medical specialists and other professional groups in healthcare. MHMM includes content from the medicine degree program. Its content was chosen after detailed consultation with a focus group of potential participants to ensure that the program provides professionals in the healthcare industry without previous training in medicine with the knowledge that they need. The aim is not for graduates to be able to take on medical tasks themselves, but to be able to understand them.

Students gain an understanding of principles and related contexts, and learn how to evaluate different alternatives with respect to their advantages and disadvantages. This enables them to discuss topics with medical specialists on equal footing. The degree program does not train ‘second class doctors’ but people who are able to communicate more effectively with doctors in order to increase the overall efficiency of the healthcare system.

Admission requirements

  • an undergraduate degree obtained through a degree program with a standard duration of at least eight semesters or consisting of at least 240 ECTS credits, or equivalent
  • at least two years of relevant work experience in healthcare at a private or public company, at an association or in administration

More information on the MHMM degree program is available at (German).