Master’s degree program in Marketing and Sales Management (MVM)

Master’s degree program in Marketing and Sales Management (MVM)

This degree program for working professionals leading to the degree Master in Marketing and Sales Management is aimed at graduates with a Bachelor’s degree and young professionals with an interest in marketing and sales. Students attend courses at the university for three semesters alongside their work, where they receive an education in business studies based on both academic theory and practice which focuses on providing and promoting subject specific, methodological, personal and social skills.

The aim is to prepare students for demanding specialist and management tasks in national and international companies in different industries. In addition to ensuring that students are able to balance their studies with their work, the Master’s degree program offers an opportunity to learn in an interactive and practice-oriented setting.

Admission requirements

  • an undergraduate degree (e.g. Bachelor’s degree) in business studies or a related subject, or equivalent
  • at least one year of relevant practical experience by the time when the student starts the Master’s degree program
  • good English language proficiency
  • a high-quality application (application form, letter of motivation, resume, certificates, proof of relevant experience)

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