Research projects

Current research projects at the School

fau-fbww_grafik-2_drittmittel_engThe School’s strength in research is reflected in the positive developments in terms of the amount of funding it receives from national and international third-party funding providers, which has increased considerably in recent years.



Current projects (selection)

DFG projects

  • Precarious Employment and Regional Mobility
    Prof. Dr. Abraham, DFG
  • International Corporate Taxation and Multinational Firm Structures
    Prof. Dr. Büttner, DFG
  • Implicit Constraints, Incentives and Systemic Risk Imposed by New Insurance Regulation
    Prof. Dr. Gatzert, DFG
  • Wages, Heterogeneities, and Labor Market Dynamics
    Prof. Dr. Merkl, DFG
  • Causal Effects of Wage Subsidies on Labor Supply and Labor Demand
    Prof. Riphahn, PhD, DFG

EU projects

  • Towards an Atlantic Area? Mapping Trends, Perspectives and Interregional Dynamics between Europe, Africa and the Americas
    Prof. Dr. Gardini, EU
  • The Solar Factory of the Future: Smart Grid Solar
    Prof.Dr. Grimm, EU
  • International Learning Platform for Accountancy
    Prof. Dr. Henselmann, EU
  • Integrated Subject and Language Learning during Professional Qualification and Retraining
    Prof. Dr. Kimmelmann, EU
  • 7 Start-up Summer Schools in Europe on Information and Communication Technologies for Young Aspiring Entrepreneurs
    Prof. Dr. Möslein, EU
  • Implementing a Central Asian Center for Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship
    Prof. Dr. Stender, EU
  • Module Distance Education System as a New Product for Reducing the Education Job Mismatch in European Area
    Prof. Dr. Wilbers, EU

BMBF projects

Other projects

  • Flexible Consumers in the German Electricity Market
    Prof. Dr. Grimm, Prof. Dr. Zöttl, ThyssenKrupp AG
  • The Effect of Short-time Working – An Analysis at the Interface between Dynamic Labor Market Theory and Applied Econometrics
    Prof. Dr. Gehrke, Fritz Thyssen Foundation
  • Monopsonistic Discrimination in the German Labor Market
    Prof. Dr. Gehrke, Fritz Thyssen Foundation
  • Equal Living Conditions – Perceived Fairness and Economic Effects of Policies with a Regional Focus
    Prof. Dr. Wrede, Volkswagen Foundation