Sustainability and responsibility

Sustainability and responsibility at the School of Business, Economics and Society

What is the significance of sustainability and responsibility at the School? How can the School ensure that it acts sustainably and responsibly?

The School is committed to considering these questions and to promoting sustainability and responsibility together with everyone at the University. Its overall initiative was launched with the workshop ‘Dialog on sustainability and responsibility’. Its aim is to bring together activities at the School that are relevant for sustainability and responsibility, make them more transparent, create links between them and expand them further.

There are already a range of activities and initiatives in place that aim to increase sustainability at the School on the part of its students and administration, as well as in teaching and research. In the future the School plans to expand and co-ordinate existing initiatives in order to increase consideration of sustainability in the different areas of its work. This ensures that teaching, research and budget situations are improved continuously as a result of sustainability and responsibility at the School. This applies to elements such as energy and resource consumption, emissions and waste, mobility, healthy work and study environments, and the significance of social responsibility in teaching and research on topics related to sustainability.