School Board

The School’s management

As a key decision-making body, the School Board represents the School of Business, Economics and Society in an academic capacity both internally and externally. It determines the direction and the priorities for research and teaching, and ensures high quality is maintained through continuous performance evaluation.

The School Board consists of a speaker (usually one of the Faculty’s deans or vice deans), a deputy speaker, the Dean of Studies, the Dean of Research and the Dean of Internationalization. It also includes members from various groups: research staff, other staff and students.

The School Board is supported and advised by the School Administration and by various representatives.

Head of the School of Business, Economics and Society

Prof. Dr. Roland Ismer

Speaker of the School and Vice Dean of the Faculty

Dean of Studies

Dean of Research

Dean of Internationalization

Dean of Further Education


Other members

Prof. Dr. Thomas M. Fischer

Zulassungskommission Master FACT, Zulassungskommission Master Management, Koordinator Wilhelm Rieger Gastprofessur, Vertrauensdozent der Bayerischen EliteAkademie

  • Eva Dötschel
  • Leon Sasse

  • Heidrun Kuka
  • Martina Lämmerzahl

  • Akin Aktas (FSI)
  • Arvid Langner (RCDS)

The School Board is supported by:

Head of the School Administration

Andrea Schmitz

Head of the School Administration

Representatives for the School Board

Dr. Kerstin Lorek

Representative for the School Board

Research representative

Press and marketing representative

Silke Sauer

Press and marketing representative