School Council

The School Council’s tasks

The School Council is the highest decision-making body at the School of Business, Economics and Society and is responsible for the School’s affairs in all areas other than where other arrangements are in place. It has the power to appoint commissions, officers and working groups in order to carry out its tasks.

The School Council includes members from all four of the University’s status groups: professors, research staff, administrative staff and students.

The School Council discusses and makes the decisions on all fundamental matters affecting the School.

Members of the Faculty Council:

All are professors at the School of Business, Economics and Society (in an advisory capacity or with voting rights).

  • Eva Dötschel
  • Leon Sasse

  • Heidrun Kuka
  • Martina Lämmerzahl

  • Akin Aktas (FSI)
  • Arvid Langner (RCDS)
  • Jaqueline Hartmann (FSI)

  • Julia Herrmann