“Last-Minute” Study Abroad Places for the Year 23/24

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Given the number of partnerships the School of Business, Economics and Society (WiSo) has around the world, there are many attractive places left unfilled each year after the selection process closes in winter. These are advertised for the academic year 23/24, and the modalities of selection remain the same.

Please note:

  • Applicants who have already been accepted for a place will NOT be considered for the same period!
  • Applications for the winter semester 2023/24 (or for the entire academic year) are possible until approximately mid-May due to admission deadlines and formalities (visa, scholarships, etc.). After this date, applications are only possible for the summer semester 2024.
  • Please use the regular application form on the website of the International Relations Office.
  • Please apply only for the universities listed there (and note the semesters still available).
  • There are 1-2 places available for 1 or 2 semesters at a time. Applications will be processed promptly, selection criteria are the same as in the main selection process
  • For detailed information on the target universities, please see the Outgo section on the website of the International Relations Office!
  • Especially for programmes Kowi = communication science programmes by Prof. Zeh and Sowi= social science programmes or social science content – here, as a rule, hardly any courses can be chosen from the field of economics.

If you have any questions, please contact the International Relations Office first.