About us

Mission of the School of Business, Economics and Society

The School of Business, Economics and Society, one of the most reputable institutions of its kind, is committed to research and teaching in business, economics and the social sciences.

Top research that complements FAU’s research priorities

The School of Business, Economics and Society, founded from the former Nuremberg Commercial College, has a long tradition of conducting excellent research that addresses challenges facing the economy, business and society. Two of the characteristic features of its varied research profile are the combination of perspectives and approaches from business, economics and the social sciences, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Interdisciplinary collaboration and practical focus

Combining business, economics and the social sciences, the School’s aim is to connect different research methods, traditions and focuses in order to strengthen research in this area. It focuses on applying its wide range of expertise in several research focus areas and actively looks for opportunities to collaborate with related disciplines. One of the key aims of its research is to deal with challenges facing business and society.

Promoting personal development

The School’s teaching is integrated with its research. It aims to enable students to develop into critical, responsible individuals who can apply the skills and knowledge that they have acquired in a responsible and independent manner for the greater good of the economy and of society. This key goal is reflected in the content and design of our Bachelor’s, Master’s, doctoral degree and professional development programs. We provide top quality training for young researchers. We are committed to the principle of life-long learning.

Global networks, local connections – international perspective and responsibility for the region

The School is continuously making use of and expanding its global network in research and teaching. Our strong emphasis on research and teaching in the tradition of the Commercial College also contributes to the economic development of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. We work closely with businesses, the public sector, and other parts of the University. The School’s administration and service process support its research and teaching.

Competitiveness and continuous further development

We are constantly improving the quality of our teaching and the employability of our graduates. We strive to ensure that our excellent research and teaching remains competitive. We are committed to equality of opportunity and to providing an attractive working environment for all students, employees, lecturers and researchers. We are continuously working on further development in collaboration with our alumni and our sponsors.