Co-operations with industry

Regional co-operations: turning theory into application

The School of Business, Economics and Society maintains strong links with regional businesses, organizations and key figures in industry. Co-operations with these companies, which represent a wide range of industries, afford students access to research projects with real-world implications.

Business plan seminars, case scenarios, expert lectures, project seminars, excursions, management simulations and financial report studies take center stage in lessons crafted in line with actual business practices.

In addition, through our mentoring program, each year business people from nationally and internationally operating companies act as mentors for selected students, providing them insights into a range of fields and enabling them to make important contacts to boost their future careers.

The Chair of Insurance Marketing at the School of Business, Economics and Society was established in co-operation with four of the big German insurance companies. Other businesses contribute towards optimal learning conditions, profiting from the resulting give-and-take exchange with students.

Further examples of successful collaboration with partners in industry include the JOSEPHS, a service provider and think-tank.