IS project week

IS project week

The IS project week will be held for students of the degree programs in Information Systems.

For exact dates as well as more information and to register for the course, please visit (German).

Please register there for the WIN project week.

The WIN project week is a compulsory event that ends with a graded group work.

Course content

The goal of the WIN project week is to make it easier for students to get started in the Bachelor’s program of Business Information Technology (WI) and to deal with a first project (case study) in small groups. The facilitated entry into the study program takes place by giving the students the opportunity to get to know each other and other fellow students from higher semesters as well as the WI-chairs.

In addition to the project, the students take part in a business simulation. In this computer-aided simulation of a company and its market (bizz.trainer) they have to deal with first decision processes.

Learning objectives and skills

The students learn:

  • to work on problems in business informatics and to apply methodical analysis frameworks to a concrete practical example,
  • to recognize and analyze complex business management interrelationships in a playful way,
  • to correctly interpret market situations and market results and translate them into goal-oriented decisions
  • methods and processes of scientific presentation and writing
  • the principles of cooperation in the academic environment