Advice and support

Advice and support for students

The School of Business, Economics and Society and FAU offer a range of advisory services for prospective students and current students at all stages of their degree programs, from the start of their studies to when they are planning their careers.

There are specialist advisors for specific topics who can provide detailed information and make sure you get the support you need.

Advisory services

Student Services’ counseling service

Student Services Erlangen-Nürnberg offers all enrolled students psychological counseling and psychotherapy in individual sessions, with partners and family members, and in therapy groups.

Students can contact the service with a wide range of concerns. The service can help students who feel burdened by problems that they or people close to them are experiencing, such as difficulties with their studies or with examinations, social anxiety, problems with partners or parents, sexual problems, depression, hopelessness, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, guilt or psychosomatic complaints.

More information is available on the Student Services’ counseling service web page (German).

Support with legal difficulties

Student Services Erlangen-Nürnberg provides free legal advice and practical assistance for students on topics related to higher education law, labor law, consumer rights, tenants’ rights and all other legal issues related to university study. Advice is only provided in personal consultation sessions (not over the phone or via e-mail).

More information is available on Student Services’ legal advice page (German).

I’m withdrawing from my studies – what should I do now?

Every year a considerable number of students find themselves facing this question. Whether they have failed a required examination for the final time, exceed the maximum number of semesters for completing a degree program, or have realized that the subject they have been studying was not the right choice after all – it is not uncommon for students to withdraw from their studies. Students who make the decision to withdraw are often unsure of what to do next. But despite not completing their degree program, they still have a large number of options.

Support from study advisors

Students who still wish to obtain a degree can change subjects or start a new degree program at another university. In this case it is often possible to have previous achievements accredited. It is also possible to start over completely or to swap places with a student at another university.

FAU’s study advisors are here to help with this decision.

A new start in the world of work

Another option is to go out into the world of work. Many trades appreciate the skills of people who have completed some university study. Starting professional training or finding a job are also possibilities. Various chambers of industry and commerce can provide valuable assistance in this case. They offer information about topics such as whether skills acquired during university study can be accredited for vocational training.

Look for support in time

Students do not have to deal with questions and problems alone. The best advice for students who wish to withdraw or are considering withdrawing from their studies is to look for alternatives and seek advice as soon as possible.

Student Services’ counseling service (German) can help here.

Studying successfully

All degree programs at FAU are open to people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Whether it is possible to study a particular subject successfully may depend on the type and severity of a student’s disability. The physical and mental energy required in order to study at university should not be underestimated.

More information is available on the FAU web page for students with disabilities.

Support for families

Breastfeeding and changing room

The family room at Lange Gasse 20 has a changing table and a comfortable chair where mothers can breastfeed in a quite atmosphere. It also has a daybed and sink. If you wish to use the room, you can have your FAU card authorized for entry or contact the caretaker. Room: LG 2.433

Changing facilities are also available in the disabled toilet at Findelgasse 7/9. This is located on the ground floor and is freely accessible for parents with young children. Room: FG 0.018

FAU’s Family Service

FAU provides support for students and employees with family commitments to ensure that they are able to balance working or studying with raising children or caring for relatives. The University’s Family Service co-ordinates and connects numerous services for mothers, fathers, children and their relatives for research, studies and work.

Detailed information is available on the Family Service’s website (German).

Women’s representatives

Promoting equality of opportunity

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) is committed to increasing the percentage of women in all areas of academia and research. It has implemented a range of target agreements in order to ensure that this aim is put into practice.

Further information is available on the website of the women’s representatives for the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law (German).