Information Systems

General Program Information

Information systems deals with the design, development, implementation and use of IT systems in companies and the networked economy. It is an interdisciplinary degree program combining business administration with computer science. In addition to business-related subjects, it also involves technical and research topics, covering content from all relevant disciplines. For instance, you will learn specific methods for co-ordinating IT and business strategies.

This degree program is taught in German. Therefore, a good knowledge of German is an essential prerequisite to successfully completing the degree program. Proof of German language proficiency at DSH 2 level or equivalent is required for admission.

For further information, please visit the German WiSo website or the degree programs website.

Course content

The degree program is divided into two parts. In the assessment phase in the first two semesters, students gain basic knowledge in the fields of information systems, business studies and computer science. These theoretical foundations form the basis for practice-oriented courses in the remaining four semesters. The range of options available in the three specializations allows students to choose their own focuses and develop their own profile for their future career.

At the end of the degree program students spend nine weeks working on a Bachelor’s thesis. If they complete their thesis in collaboration with a company or institute, they may be allowed a total of up to 18 weeks to complete their work. The chairs at the Institute of Information Systems have an extensive network of partners in industry for this purpose. To ensure they have the methodological and academic skills required to complete their thesis, students also attend a seminar at the same time.

Students of the School of Business and Economics have the opportunity to spend part of their degree program studying abroad.

Career opportunities

The combination of academic knowledge and practical experience that students acquire makes them well qualified for careers and managerial positions in business and administration, as well as research and development.

Areas that graduates may work in include product, service and process strategy; operational tasks in specialist business divisions or the IT sector in fields such as software engineering, IT management,IT consultancy or project management.

Study advisors

Dr. rer. pol. Bianca Distler

Duales Studium / Verbundstudium
Schloßplatz 3, Ecke Halbmondstr. 6
91054 Erlangen

Susanne Heinrich, Dipl.-Sozw.

Study Advisor
Schloßplatz 3, Ecke Halbmondstr. 6
91054 Erlangen

Subject advisors

Kian Schmalenbach, M. Sc.

School of Business, Economics and Society
Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsinformatik, insbesondere Digitalisierung in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft (Stiftungslehrstuhl)