General Program Information

This degree program has an international focus and provides students with a comprehensive understanding of management tasks and instruments from a market-oriented and resource-oriented perspective.

They are taught how value creation and market-oriented strategies at companies can be influenced by various management processes. At the same time, students learn how to solve problems in management practice using academic methods.

This degree program is taught in German. Therefore, a good knowledge of German is an essential prerequisite to successfully complete the degree program. Proof of German language proficiency at DSH 2 level or equivalent is required for admission.


Selection criteria:

  • Achievements in the Bachelor’s degree programme
  • Results of the admission examination
  • Work experience (business/economics-related)
  • Time spent abroad (study abroad or business/economics-related work experience abroad)

For further information, please visit the German WiSo website.

Course content

This degree program links management research and theory in a unique way by combining practical specializations with interdisciplinary theory relevant to different professional fields. In addition to soft skills, students acquire skills to apply the theoretical teaching in practice in case studies and projects.

The degree program (120 ECTS credits) has a standard duration of four semesters and comprises a compulsory part (45 ECTS credits), a specialization part focusing on professional fields (45 ECTS credits) and the Master’s thesis (30 ECTS credits). While the compulsory part consists of teaching management perspectives, the specialization part prepares students for specific management tasks in different types of enterprises.


During the degree program students develop a profile of transferable skills that includes:

  • the ability to apply management concepts in practice
  • quantitative abilities
  • specialist knowledge of specific industries
  • team skills
  • presentation and negotiation techniques

Career opportunities

Students of this degree program are prepared for careers in middle and upper management at companies of different sizes and in different industries.

They have the opportunity to take specialization courses that focus on management tasks in a specific type of company or in a specific industry. Having acquired basic knowledge in compulsory modules and expanded upon it through specialization, graduates are also prepared to work in business consulting.

Target group

The degree program is aimed at graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in business studies or another subject from a university. The required knowledge of business and economics must be demonstrated in an admission examination.

Study advice and Master’s degree program co-ordination

Eva Dötschel

School of Business and Economics
Chair of Corporate Management

Eva Krakowitzky

School of Business, Economics and Society
Chair of Business Administration (Logistics)

Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg

School of Business and Economics
Chair of Corporate Management