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Course of study

The program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of international business. Students are supported in acquiring all the necessary skills required to succeed in an international environment. Special attention is given to the variety of approaches that firms choose to adapt their international operations due to the diversity of laws, business practices, and cultures across the globe.

Study progress

The program usually takes four semesters and is composed of nine core modules: Environment of International Business, Foundations of International Management, International Strategic Management, International Functional Management, International Information Management, International Finance and Change Management, Soft Skills, International Corporate Sustainability, International Relations, elective courses, and the master’s thesis. Teaching is conducted in English.

Core courses

A comprehensive and well-founded understanding of the field is provided by core courses in the following areas:

  • Environment of International Business
  • Foundations of International Management
  • International Strategic Management
  • International Functional Management
  • International Information Management
  • International Finance and Change Management
  • Soft Skills
  • International Corporate Sustainability
  • International Relations

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Elective courses

The elective courses focus on different area studies and allow the students to specialize in one specific region and its language:

  • English speaking countries,
  • Romance countries,
  • Asia, or
  • Europe.

The language of instruction in the electives depends on the chosen area.

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Master thesis

The master thesis accounts for 30 ECTS. With the master thesis, the student will show that he/she is proficient in his/her area of study and he/she is able to work independently using scientific methods.

The master thesis should be written in one of the languages recognized in the MIBS (German, English, Spanish, and French) according to the lecture language of the respective module.

Details regarding the assignment of topics, the writing and research process, and grading of the master thesis can be found in the corresponding section of the examinations regulations (Prüfungsordnung).

Detailed information can be found on the left sides of this page in the download section.


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