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Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum of ECTS before I can apply for the MIBS-Program?
Yes, you have to earn at least 135 ECTS in your bachelor-program before you can apply for our Master program.

When will the Online Application Tool open?
Opening of Online Application Tool: May 4, 2017
Application deadline is May 31st each year
Decision date: By the end of July
Start of the program: October each year

Do I need a special degree in economics?
The program is designed for outstanding and motivated students who have successfully completed:
– a bachelor’s degree in International Business, Business Administration, Management or a related subject, or
– a bachelor’s degree in another field, but with sufficient knowledge of international business

Where can I get a letter of endorsement for the scholarship application?
From the program coordinator. Please send your CV and certificates to the program coordinator (by email) and mention for which scholarship you want to apply.

Which proof of English knowledge can I add?
Please note that we can accept only the English language certificates that are mentioned on our homepage. No exceptions can be made.

Is it possible to start the program in the summer semester?
The program starts only in the winter semester.

Is relevant work experience and international experience mandatory?
Relevant work experience and international experience are not mandatory, though will be taken into account when assessing your qualification for the program.

Is a bachelor degree completed in English in a country other than the ones mentioned on the website accepted as English language proficiency proof?
No, only a bachelor degree completed in English in one of the EU/EEA countries, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. If the language of instruction (English) is not clearly stated in the degree certificate, it is to be verified by a certificate signed by a university official.

How many students are admitted to the program every year?
We receive around 750 applications every year and around 50 students get admission to the program.

Do I need to take special program related courses?
There is no official rule for courses you have to take, but it will raise your chances if you participate in courses with international management topics

Are there any scholarships?
There are quite a lot. The most important ones are DAAD and Bayhost. Please inform yourself on the relevant homepages. The University of Erlangen-Nürnberg does not provide any scholarships.