Research at the Institute of Business Education

The Institute of Business Education (IWP) is involved in research on vocational education and training (VET) on a national and international level. The VET commission appointed by the senate of the German Research Foundation (DFG) defines the areas studied in this field as the conditions, processes and outcomes of acquiring professional qualifications, as well as personal and social attitudes and approaches that are important for executing work processes (DFG 1990, p. 1).

Different levels of vocational and business education are isolated on the basis of theories of ecopsychology. Based on the systematic approach outlined by Arbeitsgemeinschaft Berufsbildungsforschung (AG BFN), the research conducted at the Institute in Nuremberg is divided into the following levels:

  • Research area 1 – Business education (process level)
  • Research area 2 – Educational management (institution level)
  • Research area 3 – VET systems (system level)
  • Research area 4 – Human resources development

Information on the Institute’s current research projects is available on the chairs’ websites.