Institute of International Business and Globalization (IBUG)

Institute of International Business and Globalization

Globalization is one of the most formative phenomena of the 21st century. It has far-reaching and significant effects on many individuals, enterprises, organizations and states. Examples of this include cross-border migration, the shifting of corporate activities to growth markets and countries with low wages, and the economic and political integration of regional communities such as the EU, NAFTA and MERCOSUR. This research area examines the economic, political, social and cultural implications of globalization.

Head of the Institute


Chair of Global Governance Prof. Dr. Christoph Moser
Chair of International Business and Society Relations with Focus on Latin America Prof. Gian Luca Gardini, PhD
Professorship for Human Resource Management and Task Management in Technology-oriented Companies Prof. Dr. Werner Widuckel

Affiliated chairs

Chair of International Management Prof. Dr. Dirk Holtbrügge

Assistant Professorships

Assistant Professorship of International Human Resource Management Prof. Dr. Almasa Sarabi