Institute of Economic Research (IWF)

Institute of Economic Research

The expertise of the Institute of Economic Research (IWF) covers the entire range of traditional fields within the discipline of economics. The Institute places great importance on applying both empirical and experimental methods in its teaching and research.

The wide range of fields include health economics, energy research, economic policy and labor market research. The Institute’s work is strengthened by its collaboration with affiliated chairs from the School’s Institute of Labor Market and Socioeconomics, as well as FAU’s Department of Mathematics.

Head of the Institute


Chair of Quantitative Labor Economics Prof. Bernd Fitzenberger, Ph.D.
Chair of Empirical Economics Prof. Regina T. Riphahn, PhD
Chair of Statistics and Econometrics Prof. Dr. Jonas Dovern
Chair of Labor and Regional Economics Prof. Dr. Claus Schnabel
Chair of Empirical Microeconomics Prof. Dr. Gesine Stephan
Chair of Public Finance Prof. Dr. Thiess Büttner
Chair of Macroeconomics Prof. Dr. Christian Merkl
Chair of Economic Policy Prof. Dr. Johannes Rincke
Chair of Economic Theory Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm
Professorship of Health Economics Prof. Dr. Harald Tauchmann
Professor of Economics, Industrial Organization and Energy Markets Prof. Dr. Gregor Zöttl

Affiliated chairs

Chair of Labor Economics Prof. Dr. Lutz Bellmann
Chair of Economics and Social Policy Prof. Dr. Matthias Wrede
Chair of Global Governance Prof. Dr. Christoph Moser
Chair of Economics Prof. Dr. Andreas Landmann

Assistant Professorships

Assistant Professorship for Quantitative Labor Economics Prof. Dr. Markus Nagler
AAssistant Professorship of Energy Markets and Energy Systems Analysis Prof. Dr. Mario Liebensteiner