An overview of the School’s chairs

Research fields are represented by chairs. The School of Business, Economics and Society currently has over 35 chairs which are grouped into eight institutes.

Institute of Labor Market and Socioeconomics (IAS)

Chair of Empirical Economic Sociology Prof. Dr. Wolbring, Tobias
Chair of Business and Social Psychology Prof. Dr. Klaus Moser
Chair of Sociology and Empirical Research Methods Prof. Dr. Martin Abraham
Chair of Labor Economics Prof. Dr. Lutz Bellmann
Chair of Economics and Social Policy Prof. Dr. Matthias Wrede
Assistant Professorship for Labor Market Sociology Prof. Dr. Brigitte Schels
Assistant Professorship for Communication Science Prof. Dr. Adrian Meier

Institute of Finance, Auditing, Controlling, Taxation (FACT)

Chair of Finance and Banking Prof. Dr. Hendrik Scholz
Chair for Accounting and Management Control Prof. Dr. Thomas M. Fischer
Chair of Accounting and Auditing Prof. Dr. Klaus Henselmann
Chair of Taxation Prof. Dr. Frank Hechtner
Chair of Insurance Economics and Risk Management Prof. Dr. Nadine Gatzert
Chair of Tax Law and Public Law Prof. Dr. Roland Ismer
Chair of Private Business Law Prof. Dr. Jochen Hoffmann

Institute of International Business and Globalization (IBUG)

Chair of Global Governance Prof. Dr. Christoph Moser
Chair of International Business and Society Relations with Focus on Latin America Prof. Gian Luca Gardini, PhD
Professorship for Human Resource Management and Task Management in Technology-oriented Companies Prof. Dr. Werner Widuckel
Assistant Professorship of International Human Resource Management Prof. Dr. Almasa Sarabi

Institute of Management (IFM)

Chair of Health Management Prof. Dr. Oliver Schöffski
Chair of Industrial Management Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt
Chair of International Management Prof. Dr. Dirk Holtbrügge
Chair of Supply Chain Management Prof. Dr. Evi Hartmann
Chair of Corporate Management Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg
Chair of Corporate Sustainability Management Prof. Dr. Markus Beckmann
Chair of Technology Management Prof. Dr. Peter Bican

Institute of Marketing (IFMA)

GfK Chair of Marketing Intelligence Prof. Dr. Nicole Koschate-Fischer
Chair of Business Administration (Marketing) Prof. Dr. Andreas Fürst
Chair of Business Administration (Insurance Marketing) Prof. Dr. Martina Steul-Fischer
Chair of Communication Prof. Dr. Reimar Zeh

Institute of Economic Research (IWF)

Chair of Quantitative Labor Economics Prof. Bernd Fitzenberger, Ph.D.
Chair of Empirical Economics Prof. Regina T. Riphahn, PhD
Chair of Statistics and Econometrics Prof. Dr. Jonas Dovern
Chair of Labor and Regional Economics Prof. Dr. Claus Schnabel
Chair of Empirical Microeconomics Prof. Dr. Gesine Stephan
Chair of Public Finance Prof. Dr. Thiess Büttner
Chair of Macroeconomics Prof. Dr. Christian Merkl
Chair of Economic Policy Prof. Dr. Johannes Rincke
Chair of Economic Theory Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm
Professorship of Health Economics Prof. Dr. Harald Tauchmann
Professorship of Economics (Industrial Organization and Energy Markets) Prof. Dr. Gregor Zöttl
Assistant Professorship for Quantitative Labor Economics Prof. Dr. Markus Nagler
Assistant Professorship of Energy Markets and Energy Systems Analysis Prof. Dr. Mario Liebensteiner

Institute of Information Systems (WIN)

Chair of Information Systems (Services, Processes, and Intelligence) Prof. Dr. Freimut Bodendorf
Chair of Information Systems (Innovation and Value Creation) Prof. Dr. Kathrin M. Möslein
Chair of IT Management Prof. Dr. Michael Amberg
Chair of Technical Information Systems Prof. Dr. Andreas Harth
Chair of Digital Industrial Service Systems Prof. Dr. Martin Matzner
Schöller Endowed Professorship for Information Systems (Digitalization in Business and Society) Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer
Assistant Professorship of Information Systems Prof. Dr. Steffi Haag
Assistant Professorship for Digital Transformation Prof. Dr. Verena Tiefenbeck
Assistant Professorship for Intelligent Information Systems Prof. Dr. Patrick Zschech
Assistant Professorship of Information Systems (Gamification) Prof. Dr. Benedikt Morschheuser
Assistant Professorship of Data Analytics Prof. Dr. Mathias Kraus

Institute of Business Education (IWP)

Chair of Business Education and Human Resources Development Prof. Dr. Karl Wilbers
Professorship of Business Education Prof. Dr. Nicole Kimmelmann